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Ever wish you could make your own dog treats — or, even better, have your pets make them? Think about it, no waiting for anyone to go to the store or for the delivery truck to bring your package. Plus you get to smell great stuff cooking! Did you think it was too hard to... [read the rest]

Recipes for Treats We Can Make Ourselves — OMG!

Your pets yell at you – or worse – when you’re yelling at something at the front or back door? Are you getting paint in your nails when you scratch at the door to say hi to who or whatever is out there? Wouldn’t be great if there was a way you could scratch away... [read the rest]

Door Scratch Guards – Because Dogs Gotta Get Outside!

Flying on a jet with my pets for vacation? Wow– just tell me when and I’ll pack my bag! Chip here. Traveling on an airline sounds so exciting to me, but a little scary because I see stories on the news sometimes about dogs who get lost or worse. Then again, we’re probably safer traveling... [read the rest]

Dogs and Airline Travel: Safety, Comfort — Yes, Rules Too

Do you love your food the way I LOVE mine? If so, these are tragedies if they happen to us! Does your pet ever run out of your food and have to run out thus making your feeding time late? Do they sometimes get the wrong kind of food because they were out of your... [read the rest]

Dog Food Delivered to Our Door – Life is Good!

Would you believe this great piece of furniture is a dog bed? Even better, it’s MY bed — and just about my favorite place to hang out! Chip here – - and it’s true. After I had back surgery (that’s a whole long story for another time), the doctor told my family they needed to... [read the rest]

Chip’s Bed / End Table Keeps Him in the Middle of Things

Has anyone ever told you that your breath stinks? Have they told you that you need to take a breath mint or that you need to brush your teeth? Chip here! I’ve been told my breath stinks a lot. I don’t know how that’s MY fault, but at least they have things to counteract that... [read the rest]

Bad Breath – Not Good for Dogs, Either!