Clothing for Dogs

Star Wars for Dogs – Now the Force is with Us, Too!

Reilly yoda feature

“May the force be with you!” “Do or do not. There is no try.” Don’t know where those quotes are from? Well, let me enlighten you — it happens to be one of my favorite movies and a favorite of my pets, too. They can’t watch it enough for me (and I can’t work the…

Here Comes the Easter … Dog?? More Treats & Toys!

reilly easter bunny

Multi-colored plastic eggs hidden (sort of) everywhere and little pets running around with colored baskets trying to find them. It is quite the sight! They seem to do it each Spring, when it has started getting warmer but before it’s too hot outside. Beautiful time to play outside, though most anytime is nice for that….

Valentines Day: Great Time for Dogs to Love Too!

valentines dog treats

Happy Valentine’s Day! As our pets trade Valentine’s Day cards and treats, I bet you’re wondering what it’s all about. Why do they wear red and have hearts all around? Well, I’m here to tell you why they celebrate Valentine’s Day (we can too)! Reilly here! What does Valentine’s Day mean and what are we…

Dogs (and Even Cats) Dress Up for Christmas Too!

Chip christmas tree costume1

Christmas time is here! It is just so exciting around my house. We have all sorts of decorations up inside and out, there are presents under the tree – some for me and even Reilly, I think – and we are getting ready for Reilly and his family to visit us. I have had more…

“Dear Santa” – Chip’s Christmas Gift Wish List

chip santa list

Dear Santa, My name is Chip the Dacha-Poo. I’ve been a very good boy this year (no matter what Reilly might tell you). I don’t have nearly as many things that I want as Reilly did in his letter, but then he is still just a kid. Oh, please don’t tell him I read it,…

Play Ball! Dogs Can Show Support for Favorite Teams Too!

Reilly ball feature

Are your pet’s baseball fans? Are you? If so, you know that the Postseason of Major League Baseball has started and the World Series is near! Reilly here! You know Chip loves anything with a ball like that. Actually, I think he would be a pretty good shortstop – just like that dog who had…

Our First Annual Halloween Costume Contest for Dogs

Chip as Toto with Dorothy

Do your pets dress up for Halloween and take lots of pictures? Do they love to dress you up too and take your picture? If you’re a regular visitor to From Our Dogs to Yours you know both my pets and Reilly’s enjoy doing that — maybe just a bit too much! Do you have…

Dogs Love Football Too – Watching, Playing and Eating

Reilly Chip schools football

Ready for some football? I might grab the ball with my teeth and run with it instead of using my paws like people do, but I love the game. Of course, all you have to say is “ball” and you come running, Chip! You bet, Reilly. Sometimes I’m not sure if I love that or…

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety in Dogs for a Calm Home

dog hiding from noise

Loud BOOM BOOM BOOM of the fireworks that fly through the sky every year on holidays like July 4th drive fear through you? How about the thunder that booms during a storm? Are you afraid that your pets won’t come back when they leave the house each day? You should see – – or, better,…

Dogs Can Dress in Style for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day dog costume

Look at that you came back! You must really want to know about the completion of our St. Patrick’s Day ensemble! Well then, I won’t keep you from enjoying it! Reilly here (of course, as if Chip has any style)! Like most holidays, there are special clothes – I think the humans call them costumes…