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Great Ideas for Dogs’ Santa Wish Lists

letter to santa

Merry Christmas! Most of us dogs get just as excited about Christmas as our pets – and sometimes even more. If you have small pets around your house it can be a really special time. I know because my pets brought home a small girl pet last year so this is the first Christmas she…

Dogs Love Football Too – Watching, Playing and Eating

Reilly Chip schools football

Ready for some football? I might grab the ball with my teeth and run with it instead of using my paws like people do, but I love the game. Of course, all you have to say is “ball” and you come running, Chip! You bet, Reilly. Sometimes I’m not sure if I love that or…

Puzzles for Dogs – Fun Games That Make You Think!

Puzzles for Dogs Smart Dog Toys

Fellow dogs, do you get bored waiting for your pets to FINALLY play a game with you? They have a way of doing that – getting us interested in something new, like this great toy or even bringing back that stick they keep losing somehow, and then deciding to go off and do something else….

Halloween Treats and Toys for Dogs? Wow!

Reilly in his halloween costume

Speaking of that weird Halloween day, did you know that they make special Halloween toys for us dogs, too? Well, they do! Why not, we are absolutely loveable and really enjoy having fun. Reilly here again! I already wrote about how they make great costumes for us to wear, they also make treats for us…

As Dogs Get Older, Play Becomes Sports

Dog practice ball

It’s certainly no secret that many of us dogs just love playing with balls when we’re puppies. Riley demonstrates that at the dog park all the time. Chip here. For more mature dogs like me, playing with a ball evolves from a fun thing to become a sport. I still enjoy my play from time…

Toys for More Mature Dogs and Their Pets

Hard rubber bone from Reillys toy box

Toys – such a great topic we could discuss it all day! Reilly here again on toys. I see Chip told you about his favorite  toy. It seems like he always has one and almost doesn’t need any more. That is SO not me. I am just a toy hound (no pun intended)! I just…

Puppy Toy Talk from Reilly

Reillys Puppy Rope Toy

Having fun with toys is something us dogs are born to do – literally, I think. Reilly here. I can tell you that I have liked playing with toys all my life. My pets say I was playing with toys when I picked them out and let them take me home. My taste in toys…

Chip’s Favorite Toy Story – Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

Chips Favorite Toy

Eating, sleeping and making messes are great, but it takes play to make a dog’s life complete. A fundamental component of play, of course, is toys. Chip here, ready to talk about my favorite toy. As I will talk about more another time, just about my favorite thing in life is chasing a tennis ball….