Services for Dogs

Health Insurance for Dogs — Saving Our Pets Money

sick dog

Vet trips are SO much fun when we get sick or hurt bad, right. NOT! Do you often hear your pets complain about how much they are spending while they are taking you to the vet to get better? I know Chip’s pets weren’t happy when they took him in for back surgery (not that…

BarkWorld Expo Recap: Great Info, Pets & Their Pets

christina kathy barkworld

Chip and I didn’t get to attend BarkWorld Expo but wanted to interview our pets/staff members who got to attend and share with you their experience at the conference. Please keep in mind they are humans so when they say “pets” their meaning is not the same as when Chip and I say it! So…

Professional Dog Care When the Family Leaves Us at Home

Dog walker for hire

Home with my pets is where I love to be and Reilly told me he feels the same way. Unfortunately, sometimes my pets decide to go away for more than a day. When they do, they take me to what they call the “doggy hotel”, as if that will make me feel better. HA! Don’t…